• Booking

    We have initial discussion to meet your needs and expectations
    •   When we meet initial mutual understanding – we sign the agreement
    •   You are booking the service by transferring 30% amount of agreed fee
    This fee is not refundable (its the date reservation fee)

  • Planning & Preparation

    We together discuss, plan and prepare:
    •   wedding day schedule,  start/end time, rain/no-rain/back up scenarios
    •   define theme, props and locations for photo session
    •   decide on additional equipment and staff requirements
    We need to put a lot of efforts into planning activities, to be sure to avoid unpleasant surprises on the wedding day.
    Usually we do it in person or via Skype.

  • Photography Coverage

    We do all photography coverage of your event from preparation till the agreed time. We split all day into several segments like:
    •    Preparation & parental blessing
    •    Arrival to Church
    •    Church
    •    After church friends greetings
    •    Photo session
    •    Celebration venue coverage

    If during preparation we have groom and bride in different locations and also in the Church – advisable a second shooter to cover more locations
    If needed – additional lighting equipment and assistants will be involved

  • Culling & BackUping

    After event:
    •    downloading all raw materials from cameras (3000-6000 shots)
    •    backing up to 2 locations
    •    initial sorting (remain ~ 1500-3000 shots)
    •    final culling (remain ~ 500 shots)
    •    additional backup to cloud.amazon.com
    From final culling will be selected:
    •    5-10 canvas printing candidates
    •    10-20 signature shots candidates
    •    150-300 shots for album production
    Final signature and canvas print shots will be approved with client.

  • Normalisation & PostProduction

    This stage takes 2-3 weeks (8h/day)
    •    image initial normalization (exposure, white balance)
    •    image cropping and leveling
    •    image retouching (initial/full-journal)
    •    image export
    •    album design
    •    album design verification with customer
    •    additional enhancement of album photos
    Additionally could be done photo signature retouching (by master retouchers for additional price also takes more time)

  • Delivery & Archiving

    Delivery time 1 – 3 months (based on selected package)
    Possible ways of delivery:
    •    USB / DVD / Dual DVD
    •    Downloads from WWW (links to wetransfer or amazon cloud services) or FTP
    •    Photo Album or Photo Book (various formats)
    •    Photo prints (could be boxed)
    •    Canvas
    Possible delivery formats:
    •    JPG (1028x, 2048x, full size, 72-300pdi)
    •    TIFF (full size, 16 bits, 300 dpi)
    •    up to 5Y archiving (3 different sources and any time accessible for download)
    •    up to 5Y private, mobile friendly web gallery